Little Rock ECLI 2017


Little Rock ECLI classes ended Saturday, July 8th, 2017 with a total of 24 graduates.  The fifth and final session was held at the Central Arkansas Library, where the leaders presented their Community Service Projects for the class. Session four was held at the Arkansas State Capital Senate Chambers, where the leaders were sworn in as senators for the day. They then debated their researched bills and learned about public policy. Senator Tracy Steele spoke to the leaders about the importance of parliamentary procedures and how bills are passed into law.  The next Little Rock ECLI class will begin on October 13, 2017.

El Dorado ECLI 2017



The STAND Foundation Inc. concluded classes in El Dorado, Arkansas on Saturday, July 15, 2017. The leadership training featured an awesome group of graduates that were sponsored by Delta Regional Authority.  Sessions were held at South Arkansas Community College. The graduation featured keynote speaker Representative Mathew Shepherd. The next El Dorado leadership class will begin in January of 2018.

Blytheville ECLI 2017


The STAND Foundation Inc. held the first Edward Coleman Leadership Institute (ECLI) in Blytheville, Arkansas on Thursday, May 11th, 2017. The leadership program was responsible for training 32 leaders sponsored by Arkansas Northeastern College (ANC) and Delta Regional Authority.  The classes featured a variety of speakers including, Dr. Charity Smith, Dr. Christopher Davis, Paul Vitale, Ashley Johnson, and Andre’ Stephens. They lectured on the importance of personal and professional development, career advancement, goal setting techniques, time management, organizational skills, social media, community service, and volunteering. The class consisted of four sessions over a three-month period. The next ANC-STAND ECLI class in Blytheville is scheduled to begin in March of 2018.

El Dorado Second Session


The El Dorado second session of the STAND Leadership Institute was held at South Arkansas Community College on March, 9th, 2017. Alexandra Bell and Dr. Amy Baldwin came together to teach the El Dorado leaders about professional development, teamwork, and creative problem-solving techniques.  Alexandra Bell spoke on expectations in the workplace, team building and work ethics. Dr. Amy Baldwin instructed leaders on professional goal setting, continuing education and creative problem-solving techniques. Interactive team building and creative problem-solving exercises gave leaders a chance to learn through action. There were 18 El Dorado leaders in attendance.  The next session will be held at South Arkansas Community College on April 20, 2017.

Little Rock Second Session


The Clinton School of Public Service served as the hose location for the Little Rock second session of the STAND Leadership Institute on Friday, March 10th, 2017. The session focused on professional development, teamwork and financial literacy.  There were upwards of thirty leaders in attendance. Dr. Charity Smith, Ashley Johnson-Cross, and Marsha Davis provided the training. Dr. Charity Smith spoke about Professional Development. This included work ethics and expectations in the workplace. Speaker Ashley Johnson-Cross spoke to the leaders about Professional Goal Setting and Teamwork by way of effective teams and office dynamics.  Marsha Davis spoke about Workplace Financial Management; this included planning, budgeting, and investment. The next session will take place at the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, on April 7th, 2017.

Little Rock third session 2016 


The STAND Foundation, Inc. Leadership Institute held a mock senate session in the Senate Chambers at the State Capitol on Friday, July, 15th. The leaders acted as senators and debated several significant bills including, the issue of drug testing welfare recipients, the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, and the Affordable Healthcare Act.  


This served as the third session for the STAND Foundation’s 2016 Little Rock class.   Speakers at this event included Tom Courtway, current President of the University of Central Arkansas and former state representative; Ateca Williams, newly appointed deputy chief of staff for internal operations for Governor Asa Hutchinson and STAND alumna; and STAND Foundation founder and former state senator Tracy Steele.


El Dorado First Session Spring 2016


The STAND Foundation held its first Edward Coleman Leadership Institute (ECLI) session at South Arkansas Community College in El Dorado, Arkansas, on Thursday, March 10th. Despite the inclement weather, over thirty El Dorado Leaders were able to come out and share their inspiring personal stories. 


The session was full of educational speakers from across Arkansas, as well as an impromptu important guest.  Rev. Larry Battles was the first instructor and spoke on understanding leadership. He expounded on building skills in, self-direction, working with others, communication and behavior.






Hutchinson speaks at Black History Month ceremony


A pioneering female surgeon and a successful publisher are among the Arkansas natives who have contributed to black history and “helped shape the world,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Monday during a Black History Month ceremony at the state Capitol.


Hutchinson paid tribute to Edith Irby Jones, born in Conway in 1927, who became the first black student accepted to the University of Arkansas Medicaid Sciences and went on to be a successful physician and the first female president of a national medical association.


Story by John Lyon





Judge Greg Mathis greets crowd
Tracy Steele, Connie Curry, & Judge
Tracy Steele & Cassandra Steelete
Abraham Carpenter & Judge Mathis
Connie Gore & Karen Boone
Judge Greg Mathis
Judge Greg Mathis
Judge Mathis w/ Toby Daughtery
Judge, La Juan Bedford, Tracy Steele
Speaker, Rodney Parks
Senator Tracy Steele
STANDOUT Leadership Summit
Dr. Christopher Davis & Judge Mathis
Judge Mathis & Garland Smith
Judge w/ Ronda Henry-Tillman, M.D.,
Judge Mathis & Bobby Steele
Judge Mathis & Tangie Sims
Judge Mathis & Charise Allen
Judge Mathis & Helaine R. Williams
Judge Mathis & Senator Steele
Judge Mathis & Paul Vitale
Judge Mathis w/ Leonard Smith
Judge Mathis & Alicia Smith
DeLisa Shaw Johnson & Judge Mathis
Judge Mathis & Teresa Timmons
Picture146 (Small)
Judge Mathis w/ Michael Williams
Judge Mathis w/ La Juan Bedford
Judge Mathis w/ Opal Sims
Judge Mathis & Dr. Charity Smith
Judge Mathis w/ Ronald Dedman
Gov Hutchinson w/ Alicia Smith
Judge Mathis & Linda Rowe-Thomas
Rosalyn Daniel & Judge Mathis
Gov. Hutchinson w/ La Juan Bedford
Judge Mathis w/ Rep. Murdock
Judge Mathis & Christopher Perry
Dr. & Mrs. Chris Davis & Judge
Gov Hutchinson & Chrisopher Masingil
Gov. Hutchinson & Opal Sims
Gov. Hutchinson & Tommi West
Gov Hutchinson & Ateca Williams
Gov w Dr.& Mrs. Christopher Davis
Gov Hutchinson & Ronald Dedman
Gov Hutchinson & Kensel Spivey
Gov Hutchinson & Cory Anderson
Governor Asa Hutchinson
Program Manager, La Juan Bedford
DeLisa Shaw Johnson & Governor
STAND Awards
Arkansas Minority Health Commission
Picture61 (Small)
Picture58 (Small)
Senator Tracy Steele & Rep Murdock
Speaker, Paul Vitale
STANDOUT Leadership Summit
Speaker, Representative Murdock
Speaker, Paul Vitale
Speaker, Dr. Chairty Smith
Senator Steele & Annie Abrams
Speaker, Dr. Christopher Davis
Mistress of Ceremony, Kristen Knox
Dr. Amy Baldwin & Toby Daughtery
The STANDOUT Leadership Summit


 Judge Greg Mathis in person is pretty much like Judge Greg Mathis on television making teasing but on-target remarks about the vicissitudes of urban life. 

The chance to hear a speech by Mathis - whose show began its 17th season in September, making him the second-longest-serving television judge behind Judith "Judge Judy"  Sheindlin -was one reason attendees packed North Little Rock's Wyndham Riverfront Hotel for the Oct. 30 Standout! Leadership Summit.


Story by Helaine R. Williams





Pultaski Technical College Center for Hummities and Arts


Leaders from The STAND Foundation Inc., attended the grand opening of Pulaski Technical College Center for Humanities and Arts. The event took place on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016. The Center will add to Arkansas' growing education and arts community. STAND is proud to be a part of Arkansas' thriving community endeavors..









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Founder, Senator Tracy Steele and Program Administrator, La Juan Bedford