STAND Leaders Learn Legislative Process in Senate Chamber

Founder of The STAND Foundation, Tracy Steele, Representative Fred Allen, and Representative Fred Love participated in The STAND Foundation's third session of its Edward Coleman Leadership Institute (ECLI) at the Arkansas State Senate Chamber on Friday, July 10, 2015, for Little Rock's leadership class.

Steele, who has held Arkansas House and Senate seats, led a “swearing in” of the ECLI participants followed by a mock Senate session, including mock Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and President Pro Tempore. Following the swearing in, Steele instructed the leadership group on parliamentary procedure and public policy development. Participants were sent into committees and debated hot topics such as the Affordable Heathcare Act and Denver’s Cyberbullying Bill to get an in-depth feel for the political process. Representative Fred Allen ended the session with a lesson on the pros and cons associated with political lobbying.

The STAND Foundation Edward Coleman Leadership Institute is a leadership development program for adults 20 and older. In the training participants attend five, day-long training sessions focused on issues of personal, career, and community service, augmented by Internet-based training, motivational speakers, and the development of a community service project plan.

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