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Leaderhip, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionay, is the ability to lead other people by upholding theposition as leader of a group, organizations, etc. Today, young adults, twenty and older are in the greatest need of intensive leadership training. Many of them must often make crucial decisions in various professional and community settings without the benefit of exposure to a formal leadership development program. The lack of leadership training among young adults could result in the loss of future opportunities for personal and professional growth and development; the inability to solve complex quality of life problems; and the failure to achieve community and corporate goals.


The availability of suitable leadership training is one of the most critical issues facing our state and nation. According to many leadership experts, future generations will have to rely more on their own leadership skills than on the goodwill of government and community assistance programs. Neither our state nor our nation can benefit by neglecting this educated, capable and energetic sector of our society. Therfore, The STAND Foundation, Inc. is the leading leadership training institution in Central Arkansas, which provided leadership training that promotes economic opportunities, social progress and community development.

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